using google translator within e mails

  crumblebum 00:42 15 Feb 07

yesterday i received an email from someone in germany.they had used google translator i.e typed the e mail in german and used the translator so that i received it in english. how did he get the translator into his e mail programme.

  Kate B 01:29 15 Feb 07

I expect he copied and pasted the German into the babelfish translator or similar and then pasted the result into the email.

Here's the not-bad translation of my post into French via babelfish

Je prévois qu'il a copié et a collé l'Allemand dans le traducteur de babelfish ou semblable et alors collé le résultat dans l'email.

click here

  beeuuem 01:57 15 Feb 07

Or even click here

  crumblebum 10:36 15 Feb 07

it was infact a copy and paste job from google translator many thanks

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