Using folders FP 2003

  steve263000 08:29 03 Feb 06

This may seem fairly obvious to those who know, but a short question anyway. I use FP2003 and over the course of building my site up, in the folder view, it has started to get really messy with all the files, and photos that have been put in over the years. Is it practicle to make up folders for different items? i.e. a folder for web pages, and one for photos etc. Would that alter the upload, or is it safe?

  Forum Editor 16:45 03 Feb 06

a folder for images in the site - FP creates one by default. Drag all your images ito this folder - FP 2003 will automatically update all the links on your site, so that the images display properly. Inside the images folder you can create sub-directories if you like, so that you can manage the images better.

If you find that over time you have replaced images with new ones, it's good practice to delete those that are no longer displayed, otherwise you can end up with dozens of image files that are simply sitting there doing nothing.

Normally it's not necessary to create folders for your html files - they can stay where they are. Once you've tidied up your images you'll find that things look a lot better, and you can upload the whole site again. That will bring the server version of the site into line with the version you have saved on your hard drive.

  steve263000 17:28 03 Feb 06

Thanks F.E. that was just what I was looking for. I have never bothered with the image folder as I have created a lot of folders to store my photo's etc in. I will tidy it up, as there are a lot of photos that i no longer use, so it needs a good 'house clean' anyway.

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