Using Firefox!

  TonyV 20:20 20 Mar 07

I have been trying a few versions of Firefox and came up to the Version This is installed as is IE7. I notice when I use IE7 and get the PCA Helproom, it comes up almost immediately and in the correct sequence. But, when lighting up Firefox and going to the PCS Helproom, the Heavy Blue screens stays for sometime then clears for the topic area and stays in the LHS and the Top. This then clears. Anybody any ideas as to why this should happen? It has happened on previous versions of Firefox as well. It seems a peculiarity to Firefox.



  TonyV 20:23 20 Mar 07

Even PCA Helproom....

  Stuartli 21:10 20 Mar 07

Firefox does take a couple of seconds or so to initialise but, after that, is very rapid.

Try Finetune Firefox to speed it up during use:

click here

  Cymro. 11:33 21 Mar 07

I have always had the same problem, but now at least I know it is probably

not something to do with my system. I will try Stuartlis link.

  skidzy 11:38 21 Mar 07

Try with Firefox Javascript disabled,though beaware some sites will need the Javascript to view the page.
This can be a bit tedious at times,but works for me.

Tools/Options/Content/Untick Javascript and ok.Now reboot into Firfox and PCA.

  Stuartli 11:43 21 Mar 07

Even better:

click here

  TonyV 14:12 21 Mar 07

Thanks for that. It is not a real problem, I just wondered why it takes two bites at loading a page. Now I know it is not at my end I do not need to get too "bovvered" about it.

As you say, we are not alone!

I will have a go at that and see what happens elsewhere.

Thanks fellas.


  TonyV 14:16 21 Mar 07

I have tried your suggestion and all seemed to load fine and quick. Will now see what happens in other sites.



  tenplus1 14:40 21 Mar 07

Ever tried Opera ?

I've been using opera for quite some time now and it definately loads pages faster and in the right order since it's 100% css compliant...

Check out the latest version here:

click here

and Flash:

click here

  TonyV 16:22 21 Mar 07

Works with PCA site but would not open my home page with out bringing back in Java.

Put in Opera and the same thing happens. Took off the check mark from Java and it too works fine. But I suspect that when I go to my Home page it will throw up an error.



  skidzy 18:58 21 Mar 07

Tony,what is your homepage ?

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