Using faster memory modules?

  steve12345 00:11 09 May 05

I'm considering upgrading the memory in my PC from 512MB to 1GB.

The M/B uses PC2100 dimm modules, but can I use PC2700 modules instead?

  Chegs ® 00:54 09 May 05

You can,they may work(most do)but also might create errors.

  russmini 08:03 09 May 05

Yeh it will do, i would say, that is whats in mine at the moment, but to be doubly sure go

click here

Run a scan and see what they find

They guarantee that the memory will work, if not they will replace / give money back

  dan11 08:39 09 May 05

MOST will. Check with crucial as russmini advises. Put the computer make and model number in or the motherboards make and model number.

Also double check with the motherboard manual, this will have all the information you need and will tell you of any speed or size limitations for your motherboard.

A little bit of research and you will know you have made the right choice.

  dan11 08:48 09 May 05

Oh by the way. I do run 1 X 512Mb stick of pc2100 and 1 X 512Mb stick of 2700 in the same Asus motherboard machine.:-)

But my motherboard has a limitation and I have to run the barton at pc2100 speed ( 133Mhz). :-(

  Belatucadrus 14:05 09 May 05

Note that the Crucial link in russmini posting is to their US site, purchases from there could end up with VAT and customs charges. click here for Crucial UK

  Joe R 14:10 09 May 05


what mobo are you using. A lot of older boards may require a bios update, to run faster memory.

  russmini 18:20 09 May 05

Well spotted, but i had not been up that long and been on here before doing that much hated trip to work !

Good point but i usually go off to somene like Dabs, Novatech, Savastore, Ebuyer, Etc Etc to purchase any way, so i can get the best price ! but i am a skinflint after all !

  steve12345 16:43 17 May 05

Thanks for the advice all. (soz, haven't checked back here till now)

yes, I've checked the crucial site already. I know my MB used pc2100 mem. I wanted to get faster memory in case I upgrade the MB in the future and didn't want the modules to go to waste if and when I do.

Although if I do upgrade the MB, it probably will use an entirely different type of module, so I will probably just get the "correct" memory for now.

Thanks again all.

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