Using an e-reader stylus

  fuggle 06 Dec 12

I am looking for an e-reader. I am not interested in lots of features. I simply want to read books and look up words in the dictionary. Having played with some I find highlighting a word difficult (stubby fingers) and would welcome advice on the use of a stylus. Sony PRS-T2 comes with one but I am comparing that with the Kindle Paperwhite (which doesn't). I believe the two screens operate differently and may affect the use of a stylus. Sony has infra red sensors and the Kindle capacitive touch. Any advice welcomed.

  northumbria61 06 Dec 12

There is one here cheap enough or more expensive one on same page enter link description here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 06 Dec 12

You don't have to use a touch screen one.

how about a cheap kindle here uses the buttons to highlight a word.

  fuggle 07 Dec 12

Thanks Fruit Bat.. I have used the cheap Kindle but prefer to pin point a word quickly with a stylus than to navigate with the cursor.

And thanks Northumbria 61. I am checking out the capacitive stylus.

  mehim 07 Dec 12

THE Wacom stylus here duo stylus is also a biro and the tip is smaller than most. It is a bit expensive but works well with kindle touch, my Samsung phone and even my Samsung 10.1 tablet that has the 'special' S pen.

All round good tool.

I have stubby fingers also but can generally navigate the kindle touch OK.

Just discovered the Touch does not need a special pen, it works with the plastic end of a biro ( got a protective screen on it). So maybe a touch and Biro is all you need!

  northumbria61 07 Dec 12

v1asco - your link takes me to Coast Party clothing!

  Chronos the 2nd 07 Dec 12

The link from northumbria61 is generally what I use except I tend to get the packs as they do where out. Here.

  Chronos the 2nd 07 Dec 12

where = wear.

  mehim 08 Dec 12

duo stylus I hope


Hope the above works!

Now going to check out Coast Party clothing, never heard of them!!!

  mehim 08 Dec 12

checked clothing out, not really my style, I'm over 60 and male.

  northumbria61 09 Dec 12

Coast Party clothing might be giving away a free stylus with your first order OR You could always do fancy dress for Christmas !!


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