Using DVD Writer as Reader

  gerriecah 20:11 26 Jan 06

Is it advisable to use a DVD/CD Writer as a Reader ie. DVD/CD-ROM.

Is it possible to instal a CD Writer on the same IDE cable as the two hard-drives


  howard63 20:16 26 Jan 06

I have never seen an ide cable with 3 plugs on it. No problem installing on same cable as 1 hard drive. Your only limit is that the cable runs at the speed of the slowest device.

  gerriecah 20:37 26 Jan 06

howard63 ---- appreciate your response and agree that I have never seen an ide cable with three sockets, but I could fit one, but question then would be how to configure the CD Writer master/slave, and which would be the slower, CD Writer or Hard-drives. I have just fitted a DVD/CD writer in place of a CD writer. I have at present a DVD/CD Reader and a DVD/CD Writer fitted, but I cannot get InCD to work on the DVD/CD Writer, and as I use it quite a bit, I considered using the CD Writer, that I have removed, which worked InCD as a CD reader. Other alternative is to swap the DVD/CD Reader for the CD Writer, therefore I have to use both burners as Readers, and I have heard that this is not advisable. Hence my query.

Many thanks


  User-312386 20:50 26 Jan 06

go to click here and install the incd clean tool, which will remove incd and install it properly with the latest version

  Totally-braindead 20:56 26 Jan 06

I have just gone over my manual and it says that my motherboard supports 4 IDE devices, 2 per channel. What you propose is just not possible. You could buy an IDE card providing you have a PCI slot free and then use them, that would give you the ability to connect an additional 4 I think it is, devices. Regarding what to connect where, it is preferable to have the DVD writer as a master because if it is a slave sometimes it doesn't work, if you copy on the fly then it may be better to have one CDROM on one IDE channel and the other on the second channel but having never bothered about it I don't know what difference it would make.

I'd just buy an IDE card like this click here

  gerriecah 18:12 27 Jan 06

madboy33 --- no go, did as you say but new version will not accept my serial number code. Square One

Totally-braindead ---- thanks, but that is a little complicated, enough cables as it is. Guess I will have to scrub the idea. Cannot win them all.

Many thanks to you both for the assistance


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:25 27 Jan 06

No problem about using a "writer" as a "reader"

With the price of writers so low it is pointless to install just a reader.

If you are using XP then you do not need INCD. Xp has its own package writing softwar wich will use a rewritable CD as a harddrive to drag and drop from.

  ade.h 18:46 27 Jan 06

For DVD-RWs, you will need some third-party help, or to use a DVD-RW (or any re-writable optical disc) exactly like a conventional hard-disk or flash drive, format it with Sonic DLA.

  Stuartli 22:15 27 Jan 06

It is not wise to use a CD or DVD rewriter for listening to CDs, playing DVDs, installing software etc - a separate DVD-ROM drive is very inexpensive and has a very much longer potential lifespan.

Rewriters should be used for their key purpose i.e. burning - a check of manufacturers' anticipated number of operations will reveal these are substantially lower than for ROM drives.

  gerriecah 10:13 28 Jan 06

Fruit Bat /\0/\ ---- Do not have XP, using W2k

ade.h ---- Do not have Sonic DLA, whatever it is.

Stuartli ---- Do not play CD/DVD for entertainment as far as music nor movies concerned. But this follows along with what I have understood, Burners are for Burning, that is why I have a writer and a reader installed, unfortunately the Burner I have does not recognise InCd.

So thanks guys for your responses, I much appreciate your help, but I have decided to scrub the idea, and considering bringing an old computer back into circulation which I know will work OK with the CD writer, and InCd, that I used before.

Thanks once more


  ade.h 15:00 28 Jan 06

I did not expect you to have Sonic DLA. I mentioned it because you might like to get it. It is brilliant at what it does and makes RW discs more convenient to use. Have a look at Sonic's website. click here

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