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I design simple website. But I want to make dynamic site using database... I am very familiar with access. Using dreamweaver MX. I got hld of coldfusion MX. The problem is I am confused about web server. When you say webserver is it the computer yo are using to store your application server??? Do I have to host the website in my pc??? If I write using coldfusion, my cfm files .. where are they processed... Any good books??


  Taran 20:41 28 Oct 04

You can install and run ColdFusion on IIS (Internet Information Services) on Windows 2000 or XP Professional. In fact, you can install it into Apache on those two operating systems as well, but it is a bit easier to install and use on IIS than on Apache.

This will give you what web designers and developers call a local testing server, which basically means that you have a web server running on your computer, but it serves pages direct to your browser software, not to the general public. This is where the term 'local' comes in.

It is possible to use a home computer to serve web pages to the public but I certainly don't recommend it for a number of reasons, which include security, bandwidth restrictions imposed by your ISP, DNS resolution issues and all kinds of other things.

For some good general information on ColdFusion and getting started with it, try the following two links:

click here

click here

Now, most web hosts support PHP and MySQL, but fewer hosts offer Microsoft Access database support, and fewer still offer ColdFusion hosting. For that reason alone, it may be better if you think about using MySQL for your database and PHP for your dynamic language than Access and ColdFusion.

On the plus side, ColdFusion is one of the easiest of the dynamic web languages to learn and it can certainly produce some very, very complex web applications.

The two links above and the ColdFusion documentation explain where to store your files and how to browse them. I can't think of any single book I'd recommend when so much excellent information is available free online.

If you get stuck with specifics feel free to ask more questions.

  dez fowler 20:34 11 Nov 04

I'd go for ASP or PHP rather than coldfusion cos they are widely supported and coldfusion is pants.

Install IIS off your windows CD and you can start programming ASP straight away. PHP you just download and install once you've got IIS running.

  Taran 21:04 11 Nov 04

"coldfusion is pants"

I think not.

It is dead easy to learn, very, very powerful in the right hands, and generally capable of pretty much anything that PHP and ASP can do.

If you have Dreamweaver then you have the developers ediion of ColdFusion, which can install into IIS or Apache.

Try to imagine how complex this forum application is or might be - it is ColdFusion based and deserves an award for a 'from the ground up' ColdFusion application.

A close friend makes an excellent living programming ColdFusion - the end results of his work takes my breath away at times, and despite my long-term familiarity with programming and web applications, I often enviously look at his applications and think "How on earth..."

It all falls down to the user.


Thank you very much for all the advice... much appreciated.

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