Using CacheExpress to speed up pagefiling?

  SMRM 12:22 14 Jul 14

I have ExpressCache installed, with a roughly 10gb free space on my SDD cache. What if I tell it to do the following: eccmd -preload C:\pagefile.sys?! Would that result in an speed-up in my pagefiling?!

  imendpc 13:51 14 Jul 14

Are you short of RAM? If you are not short of RAM then you see nothing in practice. But, anyway, preload the page file and see what happens in practice! If paging is slowing you down, if you can, upgrade the RAM.

  SMRM 15:33 14 Jul 14

If I knew that I can remove the file off the cache whenever proved useless, or believed that ExpressCache itself is clever enough to do that automatically, I would try it... But I have no direct access to the cache drive and no delete statement is provided by ExpressCache, apparently.

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