Using Bcc in Outlook Express

  Furkin 11:20 11 Sep 07

Hi all,
I've recently needed to send the same message to several retailers requesting quotes. Obviously I didn't want them all to know to who else I had sent, so I put them in the Bcc box.
As I didn't get replies from most of them I called them - only to be told that they hadn't received the e-mail (via Bcc) !
I have now sent myself a test page addressed to 4/5 of my other addresses, via Bcc,,,,, but see that only the first address actually receives the message.
Is this the way that the Bcc system should work ? Only ONE address can be used at a time.
I assumed that like the Cc box, you could add as many as you like (within reason).

  zant 11:32 11 Sep 07

I use this feature quite often and todate had no problems.

I leave the To: line blank and put all the recipients in the Bcc: line. It has worked but wonder what other posters comments will be as I use this feature a lot and am always willing to learn.

  johnnyrocker 11:39 11 Sep 07

just ran it here using a couple of my mail addresses and all came ok, did you try from address book or type individual addresses?


  pj123 11:45 11 Sep 07

I just tried and it all worked OK for me.

I usually put my own email address in the To: and all the rest in the Bcc:

If you are typing them in are you separating each name with a colon: ??

  zant 11:48 11 Sep 07

Try it with nothing in the To:

  Furkin 13:59 11 Sep 07

thanks guys,
I tried putting nothing in the To: box and 3 addresses in the BCC: box.
It wouldn't send at all (No recipient address).
I put my own address in the To: box, and 3 addresses in BCC: box.

I received 4 copies,,,,,, but in the headings they all showed From: ME,,,, but To: ME.
None of them appeared to be received by the other address's used,,,, could it be because they are on the same ISP ??

I have tried using commas, colons & semi's.
I type the addresses in freehand.

  Furkin 19:22 11 Sep 07

Thanks Marge, that's certainly true,,,, but,,, what do the recipients see ?
Do they also see who's in the 'TO' box ?

  wee eddie 20:13 11 Sep 07

If I thought that other businesses were being asked to quote for an item.

I would start by dividing my potential profit by the number of businesses I expected were being asked. If that potential profit fell below my cost of quoting I would bin the mail.

Address each request individually unless you are offering a minimum of £10,000 potential profit.

  Furkin 22:50 11 Sep 07

Thanks again marge,
If I don't put anything in the "To:" box, the message goes,,,, but I get the MAILER DAEMON e-mail saying:
""" failed after I sent the message.
Remote host said: 550-Syntax error in the headers: Rejected after DATA:
550-"@" or "." expected after "Undisclosed-Recipient":
550-failing address in "To:" header is: <Undisclosed-Recipient:;>
550-If you are using BCC make sure you have an address in the TO field
550-try putting your own address in the TO field then send again.
550 Tue, 11 Sep 2007 22:38:14 +0100 on host"""

Although I don't get the "Undisclosed recipient" bit, it is mentioned in the MAILER DAEMON message above.

In my case, it looks like I should put my own address in the "To:" box,,,, then list the recipients into the "Bcc:" box.
Then the recipients should (I think) only see my own address,,,,, which they will also see in their "From:" box anyway !

That'll do I s'pose.

thanks to you all

  zant 08:23 12 Sep 07

Have you tried a reinstall of your mail programme? Use an uninstaller that rids all the old prog out.

  johnnyrocker 08:24 12 Sep 07

and the solution was?


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