Using another PC as external HDD

  Russ100 15:21 29 Nov 05

I've got an external USB2 HDD for back-ups, but the transfer rate is very slow.

Is it feasable to use another pc base unit as an external HDD, and what would I need to acheive this in terms of hardware? I've got a box of network cards that I've been looking to put to good use

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:40 29 Nov 05

"USB2 HDD for back-ups, but the transfer rate is very slow"

transfer rate for usb 2 480Mbits/second.
You can identify whether your PC has Hi-Speed USB2 or not relatively easy. Open Device Manager and expand the Universal Serial Bus section. There should be an "Enhanced" USB host controller present.

To answer your other question network the two PCs and connect with a crossover cable

For some basic ideas:

In Windows HELP, click Index, then type:


Below that double click "Networking"

Tells all about how to connect computers,
and setting up your network.
Run the Wizard on the Host computer, make
the floppy, and run the floppy on the
Client computer. If each of two computers
has an Ethernet card, you do not need a hub or
router. Just an RJ-45 Crossover Cable.

  Russ100 15:54 29 Nov 05

Thanks Fruit Bat

No sign of Enhanced USB controller.

'Help' doesn't have a walkthrough section, but it does refer to networking, albeit in a very cursory manner.

If it's just a case of fitting a couple of compatible network cards and buying a crossover cable, then getting the PC's to 'see' each other, I might go down that route.

The base unit I intend to use as a repository is an old 500mhz job, but I wouldn't have thought that would matter much if all I'm doing is transferring files back and forth.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:07 29 Nov 05

No "enhanced" means your probably running at USB1.1 rate 12Mbits/sec

What operating system XP /98 /ME?
Motherboard / PCI card?

Not sure?
this will tell you, Everest Home Edition click here

perhaps you just need to upgrade your drivers or fit a PCI USB2 board £8-£10

  Russ100 18:05 29 Nov 05

W2K Pro

MSI Nforce2
Radeon 9500

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:12 29 Nov 05

click here
this one?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:14 29 Nov 05

click here

service pack 4 contains USB2 drivers if yiur board supports USB2

  Russ100 22:46 29 Nov 05


K7N2-L-4XUSB 2,I

The name would suggest USB2 support.

I'll come back to this if I may. I'm going to re-instal the O/S in a couple of days. Got slow shutdown probs - glitches with Windows Media Player. PC generally needs a good fettling, and I'd rather do on my terms than the PC's.

Thanks for your help thus far, Fruit Bat. Have a banana on me!

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