Using 2 Hard dives How?

  gel 14 Sep 12

My ASUS K53U has 2 hard drives C 200 GB which I understand and where all my files are stored and D 240GB which is empty How can I use D drive? I do not see how can I can save anything to this drive Can some one help please? gel

  woodchip 14 Sep 12

If you load a Program choose Custom install rather than just pressing OK all the time, then choose the D/: drive also if you save photos choose in the Program settings where you want to store like wise with everything ells you choose

  john bunyan 14 Sep 12


If I were you I would install any programme files on the C drive - this is the normal default drive for programmes and the operating system and 200 Gig should be fine. I would then create a maser folder (Say "Data") on the D drive and also create sub folders in it - say Word, Photos, Music etc, each with sub folders as you wish. Then I would ensure that each programme puts data you create into the sub folder you want on the D Drive. BTW you do not say what OS you have - do look up Libraries via Google if using W7. In this way you could make images of the C drive from time to time using a programme such as Acronis True Image (to an external drive) and simple frequent mirror image copies of your data (music, photos etc) using a free programmes such as Freefilesynch or Synchtoy. Do ensure you have a back up programme along the above lines ASAP.You may wish to consider making the C drive a bit smaller - say 150 Gig and increasing the D accordingly as in time your data will grow.

  gel 14 Sep 12

Thank you

I will study what you suggest I should have said I am using windows 7 gel

  Daiol 14 Sep 12

Good little backup here for you,Only got until midnight I believe. link...

  rdave13 14 Sep 12

Please check that you have two hard drives and not one hard drive with two partitions. Creating a backup image on a hard drive with two partitions is pointless unless it's the OS that gets corrupted and not the drive.

  gel 15 Sep 12

Thank you all for your comments I now understand gel


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