Users folder/ data in W7

  john bunyan 20:34 18 Sep 10

I have always partitioned my PC such that programme files and systm are on one partition, and data on another. With W7, if you have several users, the default location is C:/ Users/ Username.
I believe it is complicated to move this folder.
I have ceated, in the other "F" partition, a similar filing system to W XP - ie My Documents ,with sub folders for music,Word, Pictures etc.
How do I direct data from users to this F partition, as it is much larger than the system one? At the moment I use "Save as" to send data there.

  sunnystaines 21:22 18 Sep 10

Not sure its the best option but i would just log on as administrator and copy/paste it over to F from each user.

i expect there is an easier option that someone can suggest.

  Zeppelyn 21:33 18 Sep 10

The procedure is actually no different to XP or Vista, go your user folder, right click on say my pictures and choose properties.Go to the location tab, from there you can move to F. Its the first thing I do with a new install as I always keep data separate too.

  john bunyan 22:07 18 Sep 10

Thanks - will follow up, but Google leads made it sound more difficult,,,

  rdave13 22:19 18 Sep 10

Not sure if partitioning one HDD is beneficial. If moving data to another HDD then I can see the benefits if C:/ drive fails.

  john bunyan 08:34 19 Sep 10

Thanks everyone.I think for W7 Zeppelyn's solution is best.
rdave13. For me there are several benefits to partitioning.
1.I like to scan, defrag ad make an image about once a week, and also do a clone using ATI. All of this takes considerable time.
2. Using a synchronising mirror image is far quicker, so you can back up data far more regularly. I know you could do this with one partition but having all the data in one place I find easier.
3. Clearly the programmes cannot be just copied, they need an image , so I just like to have the data seperately filed.

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