user name/e-mail

  Newuser2533 22:44 28 Sep 04

My daughter has XP and is a BT customer.
I intend to get her on to Surf time.
I have failed miserabley so far and have cocked up every thing.
I will be getting a computer buff in to do it for me.
However I have been reading the "Windows XP for dummies" and it informs me that my user name comes from my ISP this the case???
I know that my user name is the same as my e-mail address, so what comes first and how do I get them.

  Hullite 22:53 28 Sep 04

Your username usually comes on the CD you install your internet facility with. You normally need this to get into the ISP area. Once inthere you set up your email addressess.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:25 28 Sep 04
  beeuuem 23:32 28 Sep 04

Before you can use Surftime you have to set up an account with an ISP. click here Surftime is only a gateway to an ISP not a provider in its own right.

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