User Accounts change

  Baslla321 15:31 31 Aug 05

I have four user accounts. Three have Administrator rights. One is Limited. How can I also change the later to Administrative please? WinXp sp2. Thanks.

  BurrWalnut 15:43 31 Aug 05

To be an administrator Start, Run and type “control userpasswords2” (type the space but not the quotes), click Properties against your name and make yourself an administrator.

  Baslla321 17:04 31 Aug 05

As I already am an administrator plus my wife and daughter, I was only allowed to upgrade my guest account from Limited to Power Account. The word Administrator for this fourth account was not there. Anyway, its an improvement, thanks for your help. Regards.

  118-118 Got Your Number 17:30 31 Aug 05

Sorry for the obtuse question but why do you need so many accounts with Administrator profile. From a XP security point I always thought this was a bit risky.

  Baslla321 17:40 31 Aug 05

118-118 got your number.
I wanted to use the windows utility,to Run Error Checking, and 'to scan disk and attempt recovery of bad sectors,' and each time I get the reply that I have only Limited powers, so it couldnt be done. That is one reason why.

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