Useless order confirmation message

  Prewch 10:18 20 Jan 04

I have the following problem: -

There is a supplier I use on-line (Pricestorm) which as well as confirming any order I place on its order page also sends a confirmation email.

When I get the email it reads "We need some plain body text". Clearly it should contain a sensible message re my order and its ref No. etc.

I have contacted Pricestorm, thet referred me to AOL suggesting they might know how my email settings may be altered to get a sensible message.

AOL's response is also useless in that they keep asking for copies of any error messages, of which of course there are none, just the useless confirmation message above.

Any ideas on solving this one please?


  Iwasaki 11:21 20 Jan 04

I think the auto reply from pricestorm is in html format. This will need to be configured either on AOL or OE. Can you not download the AOL to Outlook express where it will read HTML by default.??

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