'Useful Links Thread' ....

  gplatt2000 19:52 12 Aug 04

Hi everyone. OK i thought this might be a good idea (please tell me if it's already been done before and I'm missing out..)

So, basically, if people just posted any useful links related to web design, I thought we might get a really informative thread going...

I'm thinking links to any forums, web-design advice sites, useful resources such as stock photos, fonts etc, good design studios etc etc etc.

One think I personally would be particularly interested to find are any interviews with owners of successful design studios, I like reading about people's storys on how they've evolved. Also any on the business itself would be very interesting.

So yes, please post any good links you might have!

  Forum Editor 20:42 12 Aug 04

It's not a good idea. I have no objection to links posted in a response to a question, or to point someone to a resource that applies to their problem, but a general links thread poses problems.

After a while they can develop into a daunting array of links to all kinds of things, and in the past we've had trouble with the content of some sites being inappropriate, or themselves containing links to sites that are inappropriate. It's time-consuming for us to monitor all the additions as people post them, and to be honest after a while very few people read the thread anyway - they're deterred by the sight of dozens of posts with hundreds of links and they don't bother clicking on them.

Don't take this personally gplatt2000, I know you did it with the very best of intentions, and I would like to let it run but.......experience tells me it isn't such a good idea after all.

  gplatt2000 22:34 12 Aug 04

OK no worries I understand what you mean and how it could end up getting less and less useful with a mass of obscure links.

I wondered why I hadnt seen a thread like this before...

Hehe thanks for a great forum anyway!

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