Used wrong recover disc

  hanric 12:53 19 Nov 09

I had a 'problem' on my Medion desktop computer and accidentally did the system recovery using the wrong disc; the one for my Acer laptop.
The recovery created some Symantec ghost folders on the D: (partition) drive. Can I retrieve any information from those folders please?

  MAT ALAN 13:35 19 Nov 09

A copy of "norton ghost " might recover your files...

  Terry Brown 15:46 19 Nov 09

THere is a program called 'RECUVER', that is said to be good at recovering files (I have not used it myself). It might be best to recover what working data you can and re-build the system from scratch, therefore removing the problem.

Another good recovery program is CDCHECK (free trial)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:38 19 Nov 09

Medion desktops usually have three partitions
C: D: E:

D: is the backup drive and should contain a Driver folder Tools folder and files MV.grf and Slide.grf

E: is the recovery partition and contains files swconf.dat and pass.rpt
a folder Recover which contains the drive images Factory.pqi and Factory.002 to 007 and a pic.jpg file

I suggest you get rid of the files created by Ghost an use the correct disk to do a factory restore of your machine.

  Pineman100 18:52 19 Nov 09

Recuva is very good for recovering individual corrupted data files - things like photos, music files, etc. But I don't think that's hanric's problem.

  AlanHo 20:07 19 Nov 09

Can you not do the recovery operation over again - but this time using the correct disc?

  hanric 10:00 20 Nov 09

Thank you everybody.
The problem happened a while ago and the machine has been OK since. I just got the impression that 'My Documents' or the contents may be wrapped up in the .GHS & .GHO files.
I tried a trial copy of ghost 15 last night but it appears to use a different file type, .ft*, and does not recognise the others.
I will try the other options over the weekend.

  MAT ALAN 10:42 20 Nov 09

.Ft file extensions are related to LOTUS/IBM

  hanric 12:11 23 Nov 09

Sorry Mat, the 'ft' was in the file name not the extension.
It appears that the only thing that can possibly open these now is Norton Ghost 6.5 but the .GHO is corrupt and without that you cannot access the .GHS. Thanks again but I think I will call this resolved (not really but we can manage).
P.S. If you Google Norton Ghost 6.5 you get lots of offers of "free download" and then they try and sell you anything but. Especially sites with "soft" in them.

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