used wrong charger in tomtom

  sablee 03 Apr 13

Hi i used wrong in car charger in tomtom now it won't start.What damage have I done?

  spuds 03 Apr 13

You could have blown a fuse or something more serious.

Might pay to consult the instruction manual, or contact TomTom support?.

What makes you think that you have used the wrong in car charger. Was it regulated or unregulated, did it have the correct wattage/voltage etc?.

  sablee 03 Apr 13

tomtom label says 5V DC 2A. + centre. Charger output DC=10.5v fuse 5A. +centre

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 03 Apr 13

I think you might as well take it apart and see if you can do anything but putting in double the voltage is likely to have fried it.

Fuses protect against over current not over voltage.

  sablee 03 Apr 13

Fried what? The battery or something more serious? I can get a battery for £10 and have seen on youtube how to replace.Do you think this will work?

  spuds 03 Apr 13

It most likely not the battery, but the internal circuit, which might not be serviceable. In otherwise you now might have a very dead TomTom, and only a replacement might resolve the problem?.

If you have a local TomTom dealer ask them, or contact TomTom support.

  BT 03 Apr 13

Do what I do and stick a label on each and every charger you own saying what appliance it belongs to.

Saves a lot of problems and at least you won't do it again.


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