gel 17:40 26 Jun 06

I have used up all available USB portsin my Desk Top and I want to plug in a cable for my laptop to transfer data.
I think I need a 'daisy hub' but I am not sure of the correct definition.
Could some one advise me please and are there different types of daisy hubs.
Do you get what you pay for or are they all similar.
Any comments will be very useful
Thank you

  woodchip 17:41 26 Jun 06

Ether Get a PCI USB card or a Powered USB Hub

  rawprawn 17:45 26 Jun 06

You beat me to it!

  Fingees 17:47 26 Jun 06

A powered USB hub usually consists of four USB sockets with a USB plug to connect to one existing socket.

You can therefore use it as four seperate connections.
The idea of using a powered hub, is to provide enough power via a special mains adapter to enanable it to handle the extra current required, as power from USB sockets themselves is resticted to about 500 ma

  gel 17:53 26 Jun 06

Hello so far so good I understand what is being said.
Could I indulge a little further and ask if I should go for a Powered USB Hub or a PC! USB
Do you have any preferences?
Many thanks

  spuds 18:06 26 Jun 06

If you have spare slots in your motherboard, then go the PCI way. If you do not have any spare slots or feel that you do not like to open the case, then go the self powered hub way.

Ebuyer have a range of hubs, the cheapest self powered 4 way is about £3/£4 mark. Just put usb hub in the search box, then click on 'show all'.

You can even buy front mounted usb fixtures, which fix in place by removing any spare front panels on the case.

  Diemmess 18:22 26 Jun 06

Two things
1)If you are going to transfer data to another, you could manage by swopping with say the printer plug.
2)A powered hub is essential for a laptop with only limited amps available.

Being a laptop - forget the idea of a PCI card.

  Stuartli 18:50 26 Jun 06

gel says it's a desktop system.

You can buy USB2.0 powered hubs with up to seven ore more USB ports - don't forget that using an existing port to plug in the hub reduces the overall number of additional ports by one.

You may also have to reconfigure your Bios to run the additional USB ports.

  Diemmess 19:15 26 Jun 06


  alB 19:18 26 Jun 06

Why not just unplug one of your other USB devices that doesn't get used all the time..card reader or camera etc. alB

  gel 19:52 26 Jun 06

Thanks for your help.
I am preparing the ground for delivery of a laptop(my first) which will be delivered this week.
I am hoping ,if it is possible, to transefer data from my desk top to the laptop and visa versa.How I do it I am sure will be a request for info from this furum on another day (when I am coversant with the workings of the Lap top.
But I have presumed that I shall need a USB port and hence my query regarding a USB hub.
Spare slots in mother boards 'spuds' frightens me some what and 'reconfiguring my Bios' is a little unnerving'Stuartli' but I expect I will survive with help of the forum.
Thank you very much

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