use OS cd on another PC.

  ripendigging 11:40 11 Oct 10

My PC is currently not working,can I use my OS cd on another PC if I get a second hand one?

  onthelimit 11:43 11 Oct 10

You can use it to repair or replace an existing OS of exactly the same as the CD (ie, XP Home), but not for a machine that doesn't have a Windows sticker.

  tullie 11:44 11 Oct 10

Providing your new pc has exactly the same os as the cd,and you use the serial number stuck on the new pc.

  ripendigging 12:14 11 Oct 10

my pc is currently broken ,I have another pc with no OS or hard drive installed.I was going to fit a new hard drive and install my OS. cannot install original hard drive because it is I not allowed to do this?

  onthelimit 12:43 11 Oct 10

No. You can only install a Windows OS on one machine. When that machine dies, so does the Windows licence.

  bremner 14:01 11 Oct 10

It depends on whether you have a full version of XP or an OEM version.

If it is a full version it can be on any one computer at a time.

If it is an OEM version then it can only ever be on one computer.

  Ian in Northampton 14:15 11 Oct 10

onthelimit: that doesn't sound right. What bremner says seems more correct to me. If you have a Windows licence and key, you can install that combination on any one PC at any one time - it's installing it on multiple PCs concurrently that you can't do. Of course, using that CD/key on a different machine will cause Windows to fail validation, but that should be straightforward to correct, just as it needs to be (and can be) corrected if you make hardware changes to the PC on which you originally installed the OS.

  ripendigging 14:57 11 Oct 10

Thankyou Ian,I will try anyway ,the other problem I have is that my broken PC has SATA and I dont know how to transfer my files and photos to a IDE hard drive?

you may get more replies by opening a new sata/ide thread.

  onthelimit 15:08 11 Oct 10


To recover your files is easy - I use one of these click here

As far as the legality of moving windoze from one PC to another - I stand to be corrected (happens a lot!), but that's how I understood it to be.

  onthelimit 15:14 11 Oct 10

Looks as though you are correct, and I was mistake - sorry click here

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