Use Mike on H/Phones & Listen to Speakers

  Revenant 13:08 14 Jul 05


I advised a friend to buy a set of USB headphones over jack headphones for online gaming. No having done so, he wants to have the sound output from the speakers, but be able to use the headphones for the mike input.

Can this be done? with software config or a new piece of hardware?

Would he be better off with a jack set of headphones & then just plugging the mike in?


  Stuartli 14:16 14 Jul 05

A £1.50 double output jackplug adapter will enable him to do what is required - any good audio or hi-fi shop should have them in stock.

I use one for my phones/mike headset and the speakers output.


click here

The speakers are switched off when using the headset and I turn up the headset's volume control when using Skype etc; the reverse is the case when the speakers are in use.

  Graham ® 14:31 14 Jul 05

He just needs a mike. Mine came from Asda, about a fiver.

  jul 15:46 14 Jul 05

Not sure that youve read the question right guys.
"I advised a friend to buy a set of USB headphones" you cant use a Jack double plug if the set is usb, I have a USB Mic and headset I only use the mic and have the sound from the speakers, ive not tried to see if it can be set up any other way, apart from turning the speakers off and having the headset working instead.
only do this past midnight so its quieter in the house

  jul 15:51 14 Jul 05

He just want to use the mic, if so set go into set up and put USB where it says Mic and leave the output as is so that the speakers work, if he want both to work he will need to play around with the settings, as I said in the last post I just use the Mic till midnight then set the headset up, so muting the speakers.
setting it up is just a matter of using the control panel and adjusting the audio settings

  woodchip 16:11 14 Jul 05

got mine from poundland £1

  Revenant 19:45 14 Jul 05

Jul - you seem to have an idea of the actual problem ;). He has a USB Headphone/Mic set.

I'm not sure what you mean by "go into setup and put USB where is says Mic". In the setup of what? can I access this via control panel. As I don't actually have the said piece of hardware I can't really tinker around myself. I'm trying to do an idiot's guide for him.


  Eastender 23:22 14 Jul 05

Are you sure that the USB connector on the Headset is not just an 'Jack/USB' adapter as it is on mine?

  Revenant 09:08 15 Jul 05

@Eastender - I havn't seen the thing, so no, I'm not sure. However, I believe it to be just a USB connection as he didn't purchase any additional adapters. I think it's a Logitech set.


  Stuartli 15:50 15 Jul 05

Just for interest, Morgan Computers is offering a Trust headset with mike and a USB webcam for the princely sum of £11.74 including VAT:

click here

  Eastender 19:07 16 Jul 05

It's a pity the Delevery charge is £8.81 :o(

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