Use of IE or Firefox

Why do I need to use one of these when I can just click on the aol icon on the desktop. I have looked all over and can find no explanation.

  main identity 10:40 18 Dec 06

its just a matter of choice your choice.
myself i have ie7 plus mozilla firfox 2 on my pc use ie7 most of time.

never had aol so dont know it

Yes but that doesn't answer why I need them.
Do they give anything extra?

  main identity 10:58 18 Dec 06

as isaid dont know aol but using middle button on mouse opens clicked link in new widow button on left of pages open will show all pages it has a anti phishing selection in it if activated.

mozilla similar but dont use it as much.

  main identity 10:59 18 Dec 06

sorry forgot to all above is using ie7

I understand that but as I said - Why do I need them?
Does aol, tiscali,bt, whatever use IE or firefox if you just click on the desktop icon?

  main identity 11:21 18 Dec 06

sorry dont know have not used aol desktop icon.
like said its a matter of choice

Don't you have an icon on your desktop for your provider? If so do you use it?

  main identity 11:39 18 Dec 06

no icon on desk top i am with optusnet just use ie may have deleted it or moved it to a folder.

time for bed its 10.15 pm here.

OK Thanks anyway.

  Kate B 13:14 18 Dec 06

AOL provides a horrible customised version of IE, that's what you're using when you click on the icon. I believe if you have the misfortune to be an AOL customer that you have to connect using its bloated offering, but you can then switch to another browser. I think Firefox is the best browser around by miles: customisable, safe and elegant.

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