Use of this Forum.

  GORAL 21:22 24 Aug 04

Hi All

Have used this forum for ages - most interesting and useful. However in last couple of weeks, every time I 'sign in' I have had to re-enter my email address and password plus ticking the 'remember me' box.

Use the forum ok, no problems, but when I leave and log in again later, have to re-enter all again.

Have scratched my head (painful!). Only thing I have added in the past couple of weeks is Pop-up Stopper from Panicware, Inc. Surely this could not be the cause of this minor but irritating problem? Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

  VoG II 21:39 24 Aug 04

Turned off accepting cookies? Set something to delete all cookies on exit?

  Djohn 21:40 24 Aug 04

Are you or any of your applications clearing out your cookies when you turn off? Some users prefer to do this but it will mean that you have to enter your details each time you visit any site that requires them. j.

  Djohn 21:42 24 Aug 04

Your 2Mb broadband keeps beating me to the finish line ;o)

  niknax 21:44 24 Aug 04

i also have to re enter password but
only after running crap cleaner!!


  VoG II 21:45 24 Aug 04

Actually 3MB/s now courtesy of blueyonder. However the rate limiting step on here is my single-finger typing :o)

  GORAL 21:50 24 Aug 04

I have used, for a long time now, AnalogX's Cookie Wall - very effective software - but there is a column to allow me to "allow" certain cookies and I have had PCA's cookie listed in this for a long time - a much longer time than the cause of the present problem.

  Djohn 21:51 24 Aug 04

But I now see the real reason. Your using 1 finger, I'm using 1 Toe! ;o)

  niknax 21:54 24 Aug 04

cheers for that goral!! just saved a few cookies


  end 21:54 24 Aug 04

when I log in, I have to enter my username and password,(naturally), ; but, if I inadvertantly change pages on the web while searching for something else, or if I have to swap to my e mail page and "lose" the thing, I have to re-log in again; I personally find no problem with having to do that; but, the system "remembers " my password..I do not have "an issue " with having to do that..

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