Use failing h/drive as 2nd drive?

  Roadgiant 18:41 07 Jun 05

My main h/drive appears to be in need of replacement (clicking noise and occaisonal crashes and couple of warnings a day of event viewer in Administrive tools).
I will be getting a new drive installed in the next week and was wondering if it is worth keeping the original in the PC as a 2nd drive (a 120gb Maxtor)?
I do some video editing on the pc and I know people say it is better using 2 drives 1 for capture, one (the main for editing).
Having spoken to a friend who is an engineeer he says my old drive could last hours/days/months or even longer and I appreciate that if the old (as 2nd h/d) went down then any data on it would be lost, but assume if that occured my Pc would still function as the operating system etc would by then all be on my newly installed primary drive?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:46 07 Jun 05

That advice sounds fine as long as you put nothing on the rive you cannot afford to loose.

  Dorsai 19:04 07 Jun 05

Personally, if it's on the way out, I would just ditch it.

If the stuff you put on it is not 'important' enough to worry about losing, then you might as well not bother putting it on the ailing HDD to start with.

Considering the price of HDD's these days, is it worth the worry/bother?

Then consider the prospect that the ailing HDD may do other damage when it finally expires. Who can say what will happen when the Drive finally kicks the bucket? I personally would not want to knowingly have a defective part in my PC. Voltage spikes, short circuits, etc.....

  Meshuga 19:06 07 Jun 05

If in doubt chuck it out.

  desperate1950 19:32 07 Jun 05

Ditch that dodgy drive man buy a big 250gb. and save yourself a fortune on asprin.

  Roadgiant 20:45 07 Jun 05

Thanks for the fast replies and advice, 250Gb sounds a hell of a lot of storage, my 120Gb is about 50% full, so would probabally only go for something like 200Gb, but I thought there was a limit (137gb?)as to the size of hard drive Xp can access?
FYI :- M/Board is an Asus a7v8x with 512mb of ram a Athlon 2400 running Xp home.
Would the best thing to do if a 200Gb disc is fitted, is have it partitioned and capture on a different partition?
Thanks for the advice RG

  Fingees 20:51 07 Jun 05

AS a matter of interest, I use a 200g Hard drive on xp sp2
No problem it's recognised OK

  Ancient Learner 21:00 07 Jun 05

It's better to partition a large drive, and use the partitions to bring a little control into things. Certainly, 'C' drive is best used for only Windows and those programmes that absolutely insist on being on 'C' drive. This way, when Windows decides to go Awol, the other stuff on the PC is not lost when a Reinstall is required. I have a partition just for 'My Docs' for instance.

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