Use of cloning software

  cryptogram 07 Sep 11

Two questions. (1) How is it that cloning will copy the operating system (amongst other things) and allow it to be installed onto another computer, possibly infringing the licence, and (2) if you want to access just one file from a cloned copy is that easy? I currently use Second Copy as a back up and the files it stores are accessible as easily as any other file.

  T0SH 07 Sep 11

Cloning of operating systems across systems only works if the PC`s are built using identical parts like OEM brand same name models

If you have the Acronis true image utility, then you are able to mount the created backup image as a drive and from that have access to all your data

Cheers HC

  letsgetrdy 07 Sep 11

"if you want to access just one file from a cloned copy is that easy?"

If you use Acronis, then it is always running as a service on your computer, you can then browse your backups (They appear as virtual drive type things) and access all folders, files,... pictures etc... by just opening them, the same as in normal Windows.

  cryptogram 08 Sep 11

Thanks. I have Acronis v8, which does not appear to be running as a service on the machine. I need to start it to use it. Then, when I try to get a file it seems to only offer me the option of restoring the whole partition. I don't necessarily want that. I just want piecemeal access - like I get with Second Copy.

  gengiscant 08 Sep 11

Version 8 is quite old, what OS are you using?

  cryptogram 08 Sep 11

XP Pro

  Diemmess 08 Sep 11

As gengiscant says, your Acronis is quite old in computer terms, but in case you have missed a cue - (I am using v.10)

Open Acronis so that it shows the Pick a Task window.

Look at the top right side and look at Recovery.

If it says Recover the entire Hard Disk Contents or restore individual files..... then you are in business. .....if not then you'll have to think again.

  cryptogram 08 Sep 11

Looks like I'll have to think again! But thanks.

  robin_x 08 Sep 11

If you can convert Acronis 8 files to .vhd, you could mount (Attach) them in Windows Disk Management.

  Zeppelyn 09 Sep 11

Or use Easeus Todo Backup which does exactly what you want, plus its free.

  john bunyan 09 Sep 11

cryptogram. I find it easier to use ATI for a clone or image to restore system files if needed. For data - my "My Documents" folder is on a seperate partition- I find it far easier to use a "Mirror image" regular back up using either Freefilesynch or SynchToy - both free. You can set them to , for example,ensure that the right hand folder (eg D:\My Documents) is duplicated in , say G:\Mydocuments where D is a data partition and G is a second internal or external HD. I have moved all Word, Photo, Music, Spreadsheets and Outlook to My Documents and make frequent mirror images which is far quicker than Acronis as it only alters files changed sice the last backup.NB omly useful for data, not Programme files


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