Use 233MHz PCI card in computer with CPU 166MHz

  Newby 17:52 31 Jan 04

My friend has bought a pci card with 3 ext. USB ports and one int. USB port. His computer has a Pentium 166MHz OD CPU with MMX. The PCI recommends a minimum of 233MHz CPU. I installed the card for him, windows found "new hardware" and then froze. I have subsequently removed the card because the computer would not go past finding the hardware and freezing.
I have tried to obtain a 233MHZ CPU (which is the maximum the Motherboard will support - but they appear to be inpossible to find. We don't want to spend much money on the computer. Question is can the PCI card be made to work and, if so, how? Or alternatively, where can we pick up a 233MHz Pentium CPU cheaply? I was told to try ACPi Compliance and upgrade the BIOS but that sounds a bit dangerous since I don't know what the "mechanism" is, or how to reverse/rectify it. Any suggestions?

  Rayuk 18:22 31 Jan 04

Computer fairs or ebay [auctions] would be your best bet

  Patr100 18:29 31 Jan 04

Maybe closing down most programs using Cntrl-Alt -Del or msconfig -startup tab might then allow you to install without freezing.

  Newby 12:55 01 Feb 04

Thanks. I might try them.
I couldn't do ANYTHING with the computer except shut it down and, eventually, to get it going again I had to remove the PCI card. It's just bakkling. It could be of course, something stupid like the card's and the CPU's speed just being incompatible.
Thank you for trying.

  Newby 12:56 01 Feb 04

For bakkling read baffling!

  Newby 09:41 11 Feb 04

A guy in a computer shop suggested that I went on the internet and logged on ACPi compliance, then upgraded the BIOS. the problem is that the computewr in question is not mine. If I make an error or am unable to get back to the original settings - I WOULD be very popular. My own computer I'm willing to experiment with, but not someone else's in their own home so, unless there are any other ideas I'm just going to have to leave it!
Thanks for you help.

  cream. 10:49 11 Feb 04

Could you post the motherboard details. I may be getting a buckshee 300Mhz, upgrading a friends board-case-cpu, quite soon. It may be possible to underclock the 300Mhz chip.

Price of course, if it worked, would be nowt.

  DieSse 10:54 11 Feb 04

It may be nothing to do with the CPU speed, but instaed to do with conflicts in the IRQs etc.

Try again with the board in a different PCI slot.

Also try going into the BIOS and in the PCI/PNP settings, change Reset Confoguration Data to Enable (don't worry it will go back to disable after the system is rebooted). Also set the PNP O/S to Yes - if it's not already.

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