USB2 and XPHome?

  Hedontownee 11:21 17 Aug 05

After having a terrible time with changing from one security suite to another. I may have created a problem so I decided to clear the "decks" and re-format and re-install everything. I know I should have backed up and /or restore. Oh dear !!!!!!.
I am left with a little uncertainty, I cant seem to make the Scanner work, its a Mustek1248UB.
powered by via the USB as well. I am wondering wether I have USB2. I did have this facility before the present problems.
Any advice anyone please????

  ACOLYTE 11:34 17 Aug 05

Look in device manager under USB if it say enhanced at the side on any of them they are USB 2.
Have you loaded the scanner driver or did windows load default drivers?.

  Hedontownee 11:53 17 Aug 05

Thanks so far. Acolyte.
I did install the scanner software but windows didnt appear to "see" the Scanner so I have un-installed it again!!!
Generic USB Hub
Intel(R)82801DB/DBM USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller- 24CD----(there is one of these)
Intel(R)82801DB/DBM USB Universal Host Controller .....(there are thre of these)
Is that any clearer????
Thanks in advance

  ACOLYTE 12:19 17 Aug 05

So according to that you have usb 1 and usb 2 slots,is the scanner a usb2 scanner or usb 1? that shouldnt matter if its usb1 and its put in the usb2 slot it will default to usb1,but if its usb 2 and you put it in a usb 1 slot i doubt that it will work.Have you tried different usb ports?,install the scanner driver,disconnect the scanner from the pc first then after the driver is installed plug in the scanner windows should detect it and install it.

  ACOLYTE 12:30 17 Aug 05

Oh for an edit function lol,

"but if its usb 2 and you put it in a usb 1 slot i doubt that it will work"

I am not sure on this part it may be the scanner will work with both usb1 and usb2,so its just about installing it right i would think.

  Hedontownee 19:45 17 Aug 05

Thanks .Will try as you suggest . Watch this space :-)

  Hedontownee 19:59 17 Aug 05

Well done that man!!!!!
All systems now working ok
I used "Add new Hardware (Windows XP Home)
I asked for the CD rom and Hey Presto
I dont know what I was doing wrong before?
Anyway Acolyte
Many thanks for your timely help

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