USB2 Query

  Quickbeam 15:19 21 Nov 04

If USB2 standard can work at 248mbs, why does a 256mb compact flash card take 2 minutes to download photos? I'ts a USB2 front panel card reader onto an ASUS K8V (new mobo). I think everythings set up so to use USB (if it's not where do I look?), & the camera also takes as long using the USB cord.

  Drifter 15:25 21 Nov 04

Hi, I was equally disappointed with an external 250Gb drive which I connected via USB2.Sooooo slow.Not much help I know, but if I find an improvement, I'll let you know.

  Technotiger 15:46 21 Nov 04

Hi, to check if you have usb setup right-click on My Computer>Properties>Hardware>Device Manager then click on + by Universal Serial Bus controllers - if you see the word Enhanced then you have usb2.

  Quickbeam 17:54 21 Nov 04

Thanks for the replies... I checked the device window... the only USB device listed as enhanced is the PCI controler. The front panel one goes onto the mobo directly... I'll try looking at the BIOS to see if everythings set up right.

  Technotiger 17:58 21 Nov 04

You have got usb2 - only has to show 'Enhanced' on the controller.

  Quickbeam 18:06 21 Nov 04

It don't do as it says on the tin then!

  TomJerry 18:13 21 Nov 04

usb transfer speed: 480mbps, it is bits not byte, trabslate 480/1.024/1.024/8=57.22MB/s (why this calculation, 1M=1.024m, 1K=1.024k, 1B=8b).

usb device can communicate at this speed (i.e. 57MB/s), but usb device itself is defintely NOT capable to writting data at this speed. Hard disks can not write at this speed and all flash memory drives are even juch slower than hard drives.

So do not be disappointed, you got latest technology.

  Quickbeam 18:21 21 Nov 04

Now you've sold it to me... you don't sell cars as well do you?

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