USB-USB connector

  dublincity 02:53 13 May 04

I have a new PC on Win XP Pro and a very old PC on Win '98 SE. This old PC is about to be returned to me after re-formatting by my local repair-person. I'm aiming to get them to 'talk to one another' - I gather this is called 'home networking'. I understand that I cannot use either RJ-45 or HUB because I only have 2 slots in the old PC that are being used for the modem and the sound card. Having been advised that a USB-USB connector is an easy and inexpensive alternative, I have one on order.

What do I do when I get it? Will I need to download any software?

Most of the information that I've saved from the internet, help manuals and so on, is too technical for me. Any preliminary advice or links to useful websites will be appreciated. Many Thanks, Mike.

  Eric10 09:19 14 May 04

click here for USB Q&A. For a USB connection the two PCs would have to be quite close together so this could be quite limiting. However, since both PCs can't use the same phone line to connect to the Internet at the same time it may be better to remove the modem from the older PC and replace it with a network card. With both PCs networked by ethernet you could then use Internet Connection Sharing via the newer PC. You could also share a printer over a proper network.

  dublincity 15:37 14 May 04

Hi. Thanks to all for your help.

I haven't yet got the old PC returned but I'll have it soon. Both are desktops and will be only a few inches apart - I'll have plenty of space when the clutter is removed.

Since I will sometimes need to use the 2 PC's separately, I won't, to start with, get the old PC's modem removed. The 'Windows XP Simplified' text-book for beginners (pub. by maranGraphics & Hungry Minds - click here) which is excellent, advises that the second PC will connect to the internet via the modem of the first PC.

Given that I had spare, unused bits of everything, I thought that rather than keep the old rig on shelves awaiting the first crash of the new set-up, I'd get it up and running again, back-up important work on the old PC, and learn something at the same time. I've advanced slowly from 'raw novice' to 'beginner'!

One reply to me here was that software for the use of the USB-USB connector would probably come with connector itself. I've surfed the net but can't find any references to such software. Any ideas?

Thanks again for the advice. Cheers, Mike.

  woodchip 15:53 14 May 04

If it's Link Bridge cable with a chip in the middle of the cable it's just a case of load the software on each computer it will put a icon on the desktop, to use double click each icon. you drag files from one to other comp folder

  woodchip 15:55 14 May 04

The USB Link cable comes with software

  dublincity 16:34 14 May 04

Thanks, woodchip.

  woodchip 16:44 14 May 04

They are from about £15 on a Comp Fair

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