usb stick

  Hucky 20:44 13 Feb 12

hi i am transfering mp3 from my pc to my mac usig a date stick but when i plug it into my mac the files are on there but not in mp3 format can u help

  lotvic 21:11 13 Feb 12

If you have copied MP3 files to the usb stick then that is what they should be on the stick. I know of no way they can 'magically' be transformed to a different file format just by copying them.

Put the stick back into the pc and look at the contents to see how they are listed by the pc.

  bremner 21:11 13 Feb 12

What format are they in?

  Hucky 21:13 13 Feb 12

all mp3, some i can see and play from the stick on the mac and some i cant

  steve12345 22:04 13 Feb 12

Could this be related to DRM protection on some of your mp3s?

Not sure how they work, just throwing you some ideas.

  lotvic 23:39 13 Feb 12

Will the ones that don't play on the Mac play from the stick on the pc?

I would just wipe the stick and recopy them, sounds like they got corrupted.

  mole44 06:14 14 Feb 12

Dependant how many songs you have, burn them to a cd/cdrw as mp3 to transfer them.


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