usb size

  afreen 13:16 01 Jul 07

hi...i'dlike to know what size usb wud be useful for me as a lan administrator in a smal business environment? is 2gb themost appropriate one?

  Totally-braindead 13:28 01 Jul 07

Don't understand the question. What size of USB what? A USB memory stick?

  Totally-braindead 13:46 01 Jul 07

If its memory sticks you're talking about look at these click here=

  afreen 14:36 01 Jul 07

yes 1gb or 2gb better?

  johndrew 14:46 01 Jul 07

It depends on what you need it for and how much `space` you need. Without that information it`s a bit like asking how long is apiece of string.

You should be able to determine your needs better than us, but as with a HDD the more space you have the more you may keep in it.

  isca2 17:46 01 Jul 07

Also would like to know what you will be using it for. If large backups, an external Hard Disc drive would be better.

  Totally-braindead 18:15 01 Jul 07

Theres no whats best really, the bigger the better say up to 2 gig, some people I know prefer to have 2 seperate memory cards, one with applications on it and one with things specific to the business, its what you are comfortable with.
If in doubt get a larger 2 gig card, it makes no difference if you don't use it all.
As johndrew says if its a larger size of backup you need then hes right an external hard drive is a better idea though you can hardly call them pocket sized!
You could use a mix of both, its up to you, I don't know anything about your business, how it works and what you need the memory cards for etc but if you sit down and think about it I'm sure it'll come to you.
From the link I provided for example to 7dayshop a 2 gig memory stick starts at only £8.99 and thats not going to break the bank larger hard drives, external ones can be found for as little as £50 depending on size and make click here
You'll have to decide yourself. Personally I would buy the bigger ones as they are so cheap anyway.

  afreen 07:32 02 Jul 07

thankyou so much for the help.....i've decided to go for a 2gb memory stick and an external hard well....thanksagain

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