usb to scart

  annimated 21:08 05 Sep 07

hi have a scart freeveiw reciever can i get a usb to scart cable so that i can use this device on the pc thanks for any advice regards kevin

  Devil Fish 21:15 05 Sep 07

click here

though i would look into it further before purchasing

  Devil Fish 21:17 05 Sep 07

ignore above link

  annimated 21:18 05 Sep 07

yes saw that not to sure need hands on advice thanks for your time sir

  Devil Fish 21:21 05 Sep 07

you may need to look at tv cards for your purpose my apologies for the the above have just got in from a leaving drink

  annimated 21:22 05 Sep 07

good eve i hope botoms up

  holme 22:01 05 Sep 07

Expanding on Devil Fish's suggestion, most internal and some external TV cards will have a supplementary 'AUX' S-video IN and audio socket(s) (usually a 3.5mm stereo jack plug).

The card can be either internal (PCI) or the external plug-in type (USB 'stick'), but do check the latter does have the 'AUX' sockets.

You can connect the SCART output of the Freeeview receiver, via an adaptor into which you plug the S-video lead and stereo audio cable (which must have phono/RCA plugs). The other ends go into the TV card/stick.

The SCART adaptor must be the signal OUT variant, or switched IN/OUT, and you must configure the Freeview box's video out to S-video format.

If the Freeview box will not output S-video (not all do), it will have to be done another way, in which case please come back to us for more detail. Same if you need any assistance finding cables and the SCART adaptor. HTH.

  Devil Fish 22:06 05 Sep 07

should have laid off the sambuka but they forced me

joking aside though this may be of interest i cant recommend because i have not used it

click here

  Technotiger 22:24 05 Sep 07

You need one of these ... click here

I have one attached to my PC, in my experience it is excellent, though it did take a few attempts to find the best actual position for it on my desk. The supplied aerial is pretty useless though, unless you are next-door to a TV Transmitter! Mine is 'fed' via my rooftop aerial.

I also have a Hauppauge PCI TV Card, which I now hardly ever use.

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