USB question

  daisy2bell 08:27 21 Dec 05

I've got a laptop with 3 USB ports.
I keep getting the message that my wireless USB adapter is connected to a non high speed usb port. Please instal a "High speed USB host controller.
What does this mean


  ICF 08:37 21 Dec 05

It means you have plugged a USB 2 item into a USB 1 port

  mgmcc 08:43 21 Dec 05

It means that you have connected a USB 2.0 wireless adapter into a USB 1.1 port.

802.11g wireless network adapters have a data transfer speed of 54Mbps, but this will be restricted by the 12Mbps speed of a USB 1.1 port. USB 2.0 ports are forty times as fast at 480Mbps.

This isn't significant for the relatively slow speed (in networking terms) of a broadband connection, but is noticeable for large file transfers between computers in a home network.

  daisy2bell 09:00 21 Dec 05

Thanks guys. Is there anyway that I could add USB 2 to this laptop?

  jack 10:34 21 Dec 05

USB2 PCMIA cards are available to slot in.
The question is does the exsting connection work any way? -I suspect it does- but slower not that you would notice particularly- you just keep getting the nag - so learn to live with it or get the card.

  Woolwell 10:42 21 Dec 05

You can probably turn off the nag by opening your device manager selecting your USB port, right clicking for properties and under the advanced tab checking the "don't tell me about about USB errors" box. You will still need USB2 for best performance.

  daisy2bell 12:43 21 Dec 05

The existing USB does work. But if I got a USB2 PCMIA card, would that speed up things, or would it not make much diference.

  Skills 12:46 21 Dec 05

What are you using the usb connection for example if your plugging in a external hard drive and transfering files then yes you will notice a difference, same if your capturing video files.

  daisy2bell 12:55 21 Dec 05

My wifi is a USB adapter type. Surfing the web etc, and networking the other computers.

  pinfog 13:01 21 Dec 05

it's not worth getting a usb 2 card because your wireless connection wont be any quicker - just switch the nag off like woolwell suggested.

if you send mega amounts of data over your network maybe but i suspect you don't.


  mgmcc 15:08 21 Dec 05

<<< My wifi is a USB adapter type. Surfing the web etc, and networking the other computers. >>>

For file transfers between computers, and provided you are networking via a router or Wireless Access Point, the 802.11g wireless adapter will be restricted to about a quarter of its nominal speed if used in a USB 1.1 port.

However, the 802.11g standard only requires that network adapters used in "Infrastructure" mode support a speed of 54Mbps. In "Ad Hoc" mode they only need to support a speed of 11Mbps, the same as 802.11b. Therefore if you are connecting the two adapters directly in an "Ad Hoc" (Peer-to-Peer) wireless network, USB 1.1 won't make any difference. Via a router or Wireless Access Point, the difference will be significant.

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