USB ports on front and rear panels - USB and USB2

  Countermeasure 12 Jan 05

I have USB2 ports on my rear panel and they work OK at USB2 speed. I also have 2 front panel USB connectors on the front panel of the case and have just connected them to the motherboard (Shuttle MV43V). I'm using XP2 SP2.

The front panel USB ports appear to only operate at USB speed because any USB device I plug in generates a message to say that the device will operate faster on a USB2 port.

Any ideas why these front ports are not seen as USB2?

  VideoSentry 12 Jan 05

I had the same problem, the MOBO has only USB1 ( I think) and as such the front ports are 1 though the rear are via a USB2 Card and therefore are 2.

  chub_tor 12 Jan 05

The Shuttle MV43V has 6 USB2 ports, 4 on the rear and two on the motherboard see click here.

  Countermeasure 12 Jan 05

That's the problem - the manual says that they are all USB2 and I don't see anthing about a different drivers or setup for the 2 on the board

  chub_tor 14 Jan 05

Are you saying that if you plug a USB2 peripheral into the rear ports it operates at USB2 speed but if you plug the same peripheral into the front ports you get the warning message?

  Countermeasure 14 Jan 05

Yes - that's what happens - is it something to do with the pin connections of the front panel USB ports?

  chub_tor 18 Jan 05

Most of the motherboards where I have wired up front panel USB sockets have one or more 10 pin arrangements (usually called JUSB1 etc.) sticking up from the mother board. One of the pins - pin 9 is always omitted as there is no connection to this pin. On the same side of pin 9 are pins 1,3,5,7 and opposite them are 2,4,6,8,10.

The wires from the front sockets are generally colour coded.
Pins 1-2 are USB power - red
Pins 7-8 are ground - black.

From this you should be able to work out if you have connected your front panel wires the correct way round. But I doubt if this is your problem if your USB peripheral is working after you plug it in.


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