USB port power

  EARLR 13:00 13 Apr 07

The power on my usb on when comp is turned off. is there a way to stop this?


  Nigel-331402 13:02 13 Apr 07

Unplug the PC ?

  Totally-braindead 13:04 13 Apr 07

I know the motherboard keeps power on when the PC is off but its never occurred to me that the USB might still be powered, I thought it would be off.

I'm sorry I don't know the answer.

  EARLR 13:06 13 Apr 07

Its a Lappy.

  Nigel-331402 13:08 13 Apr 07

Lappy ? Oh, you mean laptop.

Try unplugging the USB device, that should stop it drawing power :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:34 13 Apr 07

The power on my usb on when comp is turned off. is there a way to stop this?

PC = unplug it / switch off at socket

Laptop = remove battery

  Nigel-331402 15:06 13 Apr 07

You don't have to remove the battery. All you have to do is unplug the USB device in question. If it is not plugged into the laptop it cannot draw power from it (or have I missed something somewhere?).

  bluto1 19:52 13 Apr 07

I noticed this a long time ago, when having switched my PC off, my printer and scanner, which I had`nt switched off, still had lights on so I just unplugged the PC and off they went. When I switched on the power on the next visit, the scanner and printer lights both came on. Like everyone says, switch everything off.

  bluto1 19:53 13 Apr 07

Sorry, I should have said that both scanner and printer are USB powered.

  EARLR 20:15 13 Apr 07

I have another lappy that does it. same brand different model.
will tic resolved for now.

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