Enoch 06:22 28 Jun 06

I have a laptop running XPhome. I have 2 USB ports which currently run my broadband and my mobile external hard drive. In my PCMCA slot I have a Belkin Hi-Speed USB (a further 2 USB ports) from which I run my printer and camera downloading.

So now you have the set-up. I also have other toys like a webcam (USB connected) and in particular, a car radar detector which has to be updated and recharged. I cannot get my PC to charge up my radar detector from the PCMCA slot, only from the main USB slots, which, when charged from the main ports, fully charges. I also cannot get my external hard drive to even be seen by my PC unless it is in the main USB port, but I can see from the face of the external that power is on

So it seems that when needing POWER from the PC only the main USB ports charge and not from the PCMCA.

So, please can someone advise. Is there any way of charging via the PCMCA slot without the PCMCA USB ports needing its OWN power. The reason is that I travel a lot and do not want to carry more main power plugs and converters to local country power sources

  mgmcc 08:20 28 Jun 06

As the USB ports provided by the PCMCIA card (there is an "I" in PCMCIA) are not coming directly from the Universal Serial Bus, it is unlikely that there is any way for them to deliver the power necessary to "charge" USB peripherals without using their own external power supply.

  rmcqua 08:38 28 Jun 06

I agree with mgmcc. PCMCIA ports (the design goes back a long way) were not intended to provide the power capability that USB ports are. It's very unlikely that you will be able to source enought power from a PCMCIA port to charge a USB peripheral.

  Enoch 15:43 28 Jun 06

Sorry for the delay in coming back to this string

OK, point well taken from both "mgmcc" and "rmcqua". If I have to have a powered extra USB ports, more questions then; Firstly, can I have a powered unit into the PCMCIA port and if so, are there any with differential voltages. Secondly, if I cannot do the first option, can I extend the existing USB ports into multi USB ports without power or will I have to use power with the extended USB from PC USB. And if I have to use power, does any come with differential voltage capabilities

  Enoch 06:05 29 Jun 06


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:37 29 Jun 06

Buy a "powered" USB2 Hub and plug into the PCMCIA card thisshould solve your problem.

  Enoch 14:14 29 Jun 06

Fruit Bat /\0/
If I buy, as you suggest, a "powered" hub and plug this into my PCMCIA slot, will I be able to buy one with adaptability to different voltages within different countries, as I do travel a LOT.

  Enoch 18:02 29 Jun 06


  Enoch 05:10 30 Jun 06


  northend boy 06:51 30 Jun 06

If I buy, as you suggest, a "powered" hub and plug this into my PCMCIA slot, will I be able to buy one with adaptability to different voltages within different countries, as I do travel a LOT.

USB is universal serial bus. The emphasis on universal. So a usb device bought in Chile or Japan will work in a UK machine. If you peripharals are usb they should work in the powered hub.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:19 30 Jun 06

I think he means the AC adaptor that comes with a powered hub.


Check the AC adaptors before you buy, if it will accept 100 -240v AC (most do), then will work anywhere in europe / USA / Australia, all you then need is a travel adaptor for that country which you pobably already have.

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