USB > Parallel or Serial

  ianr59 12:22 17 Jul 07

I have an OKI Microline dot matrix printer with both parallel and serial inputs and need to use it on a USB port (Windows XP). I tried a usb - parallel cable but this caused all indicator lights on the printer to go off, possibly a faulty cable. The shop exchanged this for a usb - serial which installed ok but doesn't print, the setting are same on printer and PC. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  Gongoozler 12:38 17 Jul 07

I can't be at all sure, but I suspect that if your motherboard doesn't have a serial port available, a PCI serial port card might be your best bet, e.g. click here

  wee eddie 13:20 17 Jul 07

How old is the OKI and have you installed the latest set of Drivers.

  ianr59 13:54 17 Jul 07

thanks to Gongoozler and Wee Eddie for the response, can't install a serial card because it's a new system and taking the cover off will void the warranty.
It's using Epson fx emulation and FX800 drivers have been installed from XP, might be worth downloading from Epson though.

  wee eddie 14:43 17 Jul 07

Ring them, note the date, time & Operator, and ask for permission th fit a Serial Card.

However: Both XP and Vista have been noted for leaving Legacy equipment behind without drivers.

I keep my old Aptiva ('98se) available so that I can run my SCSI Scanner which is still lightning fast.

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