USB to Parallel connection cable

  cearve 19:39 08 Aug 07

I have a secondhand HP lazerjet 6L laser printer which came with a USB to Parallel connection cable. Could you help me overcome the problem of my computer not connecting to the printer using this cable. When the sofware, downloaded, is installed it recognises the connection as being on Com 1 port. How do i get it to recognise that it is connected to a USB port? The printer works fine when connected directly via Com 1 using a proper Parallel cable.

  cearve 19:41 08 Aug 07

I am using Window Xp Pro by the way

  SANTOS7 19:56 08 Aug 07

If you are installing the software first i think that is the problem, uninstall said software connect printer to USB port, restart and it should be detected by the new hardware wizard,then follow prompts for installing software...

  Stuartli 20:14 08 Aug 07

I used one of these leads for a pal's printer a few months ago - you have to assign a USB port and not the LPT1 port through the printer's Properties.

Go to Start>Settings>Printers and Faxes>Your Printer>File>Properties>Port tab.

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