usb or host--2sockets both mini USB

  SparkyJack 26 Sep 12

2 socketson the edgevof a tablet both micro USB One is market with the familiar USB symbol

The other is marked. 'Host'

They seem to be inter changable- so what is the intended function of the host one?

As usual the four page 'Manual'. Does not mention it

  Woolwell 26 Sep 12

Not sure but I think that you'll find that host port provides power for external drives, etc.

  hssutton 26 Sep 12

Not 100% sure as I'd never come across this until a couple of weeks ago after I'd downloaded an App for my Android phone that would give me full control of my DSLR

I bought an host USB for my Galaxy and now I can fully control my cameras remotely. My understanding is a host acts as the master device for the entire bus, and a USB device acts as the slave. It would appear that you have both, this will enable you to connect such as a card reader or even a USB keyboard to the host connector.

No doubt one of our more learned members will explain in a more comprehensive way

  SparkyJack 26 Sep 12

HSS you mentioned a USB keyboard- that is interesting because in an earlier post I am also asking about using the Tablet with such a keyboard/wallet[ so that the whole thing looks like a NetBook]

All has worked well then the Alpha/Num keys stopped 'delivering' to the page whilst all the various function keys worked as they should

Looks like these tablet thingies are full of mysteries- perhaps thats why there is a dearth of manuals - no one knows how they work ;-{


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