USB not working

  Rich84 20:52 23 Oct 04

I have 4 USB ports on the back of my PC and 2 at the front. I cannot get the front two to work at all with any device. They are connected physically but are completely unresponsive. Are there any tests I can do to isolate/identify the problem?
In the device manager I can see 5 host controllers a USB printing support and 5 USB root hubs all of which appear to be working properly with no conflicts, though I can't establish which devices they are running. Any ideas anyone?

  alan227 22:20 23 Oct 04

Have a look at this and check they are wired correctly on the motherboard.

click here

  Rich84 11:01 25 Oct 04

Thanks Alan. An excellent site. I've confirmed that the wiring is correct. Unfortunately, I still have no response from the front ports. Any other ideas?

  Rich84 14:36 26 Oct 04

In an attempt to get my front usb ports working I uninstalled all controllers and hubs and booted up again. Everything seemed to install properly and all my USB devices plugged into the back worked fine. I then put a usb storage pen (which is working perfectley including when put into one of the back ports) and I got the following response.
Power surge on hub port
A USB device has malfunctioned and exceeded the power limits of its hub port.
I removed thedevice and reset it as advised on the warning. Unfortunately I'm still none the wiser.
Has anyone any suggestions?

  PA28 14:50 26 Oct 04

You've probably done this already, but have a look in the BIOS to ensure that all USB ports are enabled here.

  Rich84 14:57 26 Oct 04

yes, USB is enabled. Is there an option to turn individual ports off? I only saw a general option. All the rear ports are working properly.

  PA28 20:54 26 Oct 04

Your motherboard manual should help here - on my machine (AMI BIOS) there is an entry under Integrated Peripherals "USB Host Controller". This is selectable and in order to get my onboard socket (connected to the front panel) to work I had to select "V1.1 and 2.0" from the options - presumably since the connection is USB2.

  Rich84 21:28 26 Oct 04

I've been back into the BIOS and looked at the manual and as far as I can make out all the sockets are enabled.

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