USB modem speed

  exprog 17:15 15 Aug 05

Having just signed up with PIPEX and to issued with an Alcatel 330 USB modem. I was wondering if the broadband speed of 2mb would still be reachable using USB 1.1. Or would it be betyter to get a USB 2.0 card.

  Jackcoms 17:24 15 Aug 05

Yes it will still be reachable. I use a USB2 modem in a 1.1 socket and achieve 1.89mb speeds.

If anyone tells you they achieve full 2mb speed they probably live about 3 feet away from their local exchange. ;-)

  fermerboy 17:34 15 Aug 05

My sister is on Tiscali 2mb broadband and when she is online it reads connected at 2.3mbps.
Uses a sagem something or other usb mobem that tiscali sent to her.
Can't be right can it??? It is bloody quick though.

  exprog 17:39 15 Aug 05

Thanks for the info..It seems that USB 1.1 is capable.

  Stuartli 17:43 15 Aug 05

That is the maximum speed of which your line is capable - I get the same figure in the panel but when originally signing up for 1MB Tiscali BB I was getting up to 2.4MB on speed tests...:-)

Then it was throttled back to 1MB after six weeks only for Tiscali to offer 2MB to new or existing customers for the same price earlier this month...:-))

Now getting just a fraction below 2MB - I live 580 yards as the crow flies from the local exchange.

A friend who lives at the other end of town was upgraded from 256 to 512kbps and the panel now lists 592kbps.

  CurlyWhirly 18:17 15 Aug 05

I know that USB 1.1 runs at a speed of 12 mb so I assume that the maximum broadband speed this can cope with is 12 mb so it will easily handle 2 mb.

I also know that USB 2.0 is capable of a much faster speed of 480 mb so I guess this is a bit of overkill as these types of speeds are usually used by hard drives to transfer large amounts of data quickly.

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