USB modem prevents phone ringing

  fishmad pete 19:36 03 Jul 05

My friend has a USB modem connected into a double extension phone socket. A telephone is connected into the other socket. When the modem is plugged in the phone will refuse to ring on incoming calls. However phones located in the main room work> I have seen modems preventing all phones from ringing but not just one phone. Can anyone give a solution to this problem?
Fishmad pete

  DieSse 20:48 03 Jul 05

Where is the microfilter in this connection?

I needs to be in the telephone line only, and not in the BB modem line.

  fishmad pete 21:02 03 Jul 05

What is a microfilter? Do you mean the master connection box? If so the master box is located in the main room the computer(modem) and the phone that doesn't ring is located in the bedroom

  fishmad pete 21:04 03 Jul 05

Just found out what a micro filter is. The connection is a normal dial up type and not ASDl

  DieSse 23:45 03 Jul 05

I jusr assumed BB as USB modems are quite usual for them - sorry.

Try new socket doubler - try swapping connecting cables around - otherwise I don't have much idea for such an odd situation. Perhaps the modem or the local phone is faulty, or the socket is wired wrongly.

  Graham ® 08:18 04 Jul 05

If the phone doesn't ring ONLY when the modem is plugged in, then the modem is faulty in that it is drawing too much of the ringing current, leaving insufficient for the phone circuit.

The two paths will be in parallel.

Is there a REN number on the modem?

I think you will need an extension booster click here

  Graham ® 08:21 04 Jul 05

PS Shop around, you may buy cheaper, eg. Maplins.

  fishmad pete 09:40 04 Jul 05

Will check for ren number. However doesn't seem to explain why the phone downstairs rings but the one up stairs dosn't. I will also check the wiring to the socket as my friend installed it himself.

  fishmad pete 13:14 24 Aug 05

Friend decided to go back to internal modem and all is well. So don't have a clue what was wrong

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