USB Memory sticks compatible with Windows 98

  airydisc2004 15:44 16 Oct 07


New to the forum.

I need to find a USB memory stick that will work on an older laptop running Windows 98. The laptop has a virus so I have to download a driver, save it to disk and mail it on to my colleague with the laptop.
Any suggestions what manufacturer/supplier I can get one from that still has a downloadable driver on their website?



  octal 15:59 16 Oct 07

They quite often come with the driver disk or the drive is sometimes on a separate little partition on the drive, I have two drives and they both have the driver in the separate partition. It should really tell you in the specs if they will support 98.

  Diemmess 16:16 16 Oct 07

Assuming you have a USB port on your laptop, have a look at a previous thread.
click here

  airydisc2004 16:21 16 Oct 07


Thanks for your reply. From my experience so far, when I called a PC dealer, they gave me a solution of using a Sandisk Micro 2GB stick, with downloadable driver on Sandisk website. I looked and they don't support this stick by having a W98 driver.

Can you recommend a USB stick that works with W98(doesn't really need to be more than 500 MB as it's purely for a file back-up), that either has a disk with it, or you know is supported by the manufacturer by having the correct downloadable driver on their website.



  Technotiger 16:28 16 Oct 07

I think you would be more likely to have success if you find a driver and load it onto a Floppy Disk for transfer to your friends computer, or on a CD for the transfer.

  Totally-braindead 16:28 16 Oct 07

Didn't realise how hard it would be to find one!
click here

click here

I would double check that the driver is there just to be safe.

  airydisc2004 16:30 16 Oct 07


Thanks for your reply. Posted my last reply before I saw your post. Checked out your 'click here'. It appears that there is no stick that works with W98 on an older laptop because there are no drivers.
Looks like my colleague has got to save files onto loads and loads of floppies.



  Totally-braindead 16:30 16 Oct 07

By the way just in case. You must have windows 98SE, the version before which was plain windows 98 will not work it needs the SE for the USB to work I believe.

  Technotiger 16:35 16 Oct 07

Beware of also saving the Virus onto floppy! Get rid of Virus first.

  Totally-braindead 16:44 16 Oct 07

As a suggestion about the driver, can your friend not download the driver themselves if you provide them with the link or is the driver needed to get the internet connection going?

  airydisc2004 16:55 16 Oct 07


The sticks you linked to are compatible with W98SE not ordinary W98.

My colleague can't get onto the internet because of the virus. It slows so much he can't get anywhere. The virus appeared because another work colleague loaded a Sophos Anti-virus programme but failed to click the setting that commands an Automatic fix, or quarantine or destroy. It flagged that there was a virus but then just sat there and did nothing.


Sophos has identified the infected files. Only those that are unaffected and need to be saved are going to be backed-up. Prior to the back-up actually taking place, the anti-virus software will be run again to identify any new infected files.
Can't get rid of the virus first incase there is a file-wipe disaster. We need to back-up certain unaffected files first.



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