USB Memory Stick is write protected how do i undo?

My daughter uses a 4GB memory stick to bring work from school home. It has somehow become "write protected" and although not at all full, she can no longer save anything to it.
As far as i can see there is nothing physical on it (as on the ld floppy disk) so i'm presume it has somehow been et that way in school. Any advice on how to "unprotect it?" Thanks!

  Technotiger 08:42 11 Jan 10

You might need to 'Take Ownership' click here

  Graphicool1 09:37 11 Jan 10

Plug the stick in the USB slot.
Click 'My Computer'
Find the icon that relates to your memory stick.
Right click that icon.
Click the 'Hardware' tab.
In the list find the USB stick.
Right click to highlight it, click 'Properties'
Under the 'General' tab, make sure its the USB device. Look to the bottom of the page, under the heading 'Device Usage' If it say's 'Do not use this device (disable)'
Click the down arrow and click 'Use this device (enable) click 'OK' 'Apply' etc...
Come out and now try.

  Graphicool1 09:40 11 Jan 10

"Right click to highlight it, click 'Properties'"
Should read (not that it really matters...
Left click to highlight it, click 'Properties'

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:24 11 Jan 10

"As far as i can see there is nothing physical on it"

They often have a very tiny slide switch on one side that can inadvertently be moved to the lock position

Thanks- it's gone off to school for the computer teacher to look at, will try all the above when it returns home!

  AlanHo 16:08 11 Jan 10

I have 3 USB memory sticks of different brands and none have a slide switch or any other external feature to lock them.

However - SD memory cards as used in my camera all have little slide switches.

  woodchip 16:40 11 Jan 10

Some SD cards also have the switch

  Graphicool1 13:02 13 Jan 10

Some feed back would be nice?

Sorry Graphicool, it went into school yesterday and didn't come back, I just got the message that it had, "Had it" !!!
Today it has returned but now instead of being write protected it says it is corrupted and I can't do a thing with it, so unable to try the solutions above. The only thing I can say is there def. isn't a switch on it anywhere!

  Graphicool1 11:04 14 Jan 10

Thanks for letting us know the outcome. Although bad enough from your daughters point of view, I don't think it quite matches up to a similiar experience I had. Mine was 8GB and full of my latest, 'backed up!' art work. Luckily I still had the originals. But it just goes to show, even if you back-up, nothing is ever really safe.

The answer I find is to keep copies of everything in as many places as possible. To that end I have...
2 Internal HHDs
1 External HDD
and a multitude of various sized Mem Sticks.
Be safe, Not sorry ¦¬) G1

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