USB Memory Stick Problem

  charliechalk 18:35 06 Aug 07

Can you help?

I have a Buffalo USB Memory Stick 128mb full of Excel spreadsheets which I need to access asap.

When I insert into lefthand USB port on my pc the computer switches itself off completely.

When I insert into the righthand port it is as if I have not plugged it in at all.

My USB ports recognise my mp3/camera etc.

I have also tried my memory stick on another computer and it is the same on that?

  ^wave^ 18:39 06 Aug 07

check the conections of usb stick sounds likea bent pin to me

  charliechalk 19:56 06 Aug 07

Nothing looks bent inside the stick. Any other suggestions?

  andrew-196854 20:02 06 Aug 07

have you tried downloading a driver for it

  skidzy 20:08 06 Aug 07

Unless 98/98se a driver should not be required as the memory stick you list as a removal drive in My Computer.

Has the memory stick got wet/damp ?

  charliechalk 20:29 06 Aug 07

I am on Windows XP so have not downloaded a driver. No it has not got wet to my knowledge.

Any more suggestions?

try tweak ui
click here
once downloaded expand the my computer heading within tweakui and select drives,this will bring up a-z of drive letters,deselect z and then try inserting the usb drive again
the problem maybe that windows isnt allocating a drive letter to the usb drive.
this is a long shot however as it would be unlikely to be the case on two different pcs.

  X™ 20:47 06 Aug 07

Are you sure nothing is inside the USB plug? I had one on mine once, and I lost an hours work by plugging it in to save something at school. A tiny bit of tinfoil was shorting out the positive and negetive pins, it makes the computers shut down instantly.

Very odd that the right hand USB port does nothing though.....

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