USB memory stick (powered or not)??

  Enoch 06:38 23 Sep 06

Can a USB memory stick (Flash Drive) be used from a NON-powered USB port in a laptop? I have two USB ports on my laptop, which are permanently used by my Broadband connection and my mobile external hard-drive. I have, in my PCMCIA port a Belkin Hi-Speed Notebook card from which I run my printer (and of course the printer has its own power).

I was considering a USB memory stick and, before purchasing need to know whether I can transfer files to the stick without the stick having either the Laptops power or its own power

I am running XPhome

  howard64 06:46 23 Sep 06

both my memory sticks do not require a separate power supply they just plug into any available usb port.

  Enoch 06:53 23 Sep 06


Thanks for the quick reply, but if you mean by any available usb port, if the port is part of the PC, power is then available. What I want to do is to use a port like the unpowered PCMCIA port for the stick and just transfer info to it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:11 23 Sep 06

The PCMCIA usb port is powered to 5V like any other USB port however it shares its 500mA with any other ports on the card.

Your printer power supply is just to supply the motors / control in the printer the USB is powered from the PC.

  Enoch 18:06 23 Sep 06


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