USB Memory Stick not Showing up

  Doire_Bhoy 09:00 07 Mar 06


When i go onto My Computer to open up my memory stick it isnt there.

I have:

Checked in Device Manager and it shows up and says its working properly.

Swiched USB ports with a USB keyboard...the keyboard works ok but the Memory Stick isnt there again.

Disconnected whatever Network Drives i have on the pc in order to free up drive letters...still doesnt help.

I have tried two other memory sticks and still the same problem.

I have tried the two memory sticks on others pcs and they work ok.

I have also tried........

start > run

Scrolled down to USB ROOT HUB, selected each, right click, choose PROPERTIES, gone to POWER MANAGEMENT, UNCHECKed "allow windows to turn off device to conserver power" (or whatever it says)

I have also changed the Drive letter of the stick to firstly E and then Y...still didnt show up.

It only shows up if i log out and log back in again.

I can also see it in the "Safely Remove Hardware" procedure and can remove it.

Its very strange that i cant see it in My Computer or Windows Explorer.

Im running XP SP2.

Thanks for any help.

  Curio 18:28 07 Mar 06

If you are using a USB Hub, try the Memory Stick in a USB socket on your Tower. You could also run a System File Check just in case

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