USB memory stick not seen on my computer?

  computerdiv 16:48 13 Jul 10

Hi all,
my memory stick seems to have given up on me and so I wondered if it is possible to repair the thing? It is no longer seen when plugged in. I have some data on it that I would like to retrieve, if it is not possible to repair it can some one tell me how to at least retrieve the data?

  onthelimit 16:51 13 Jul 10

Sounds as though you may have unplugged it while it was transferring data? If that's the case, it's dead I'm afraid.

  onthelimit 16:52 13 Jul 10

But try it on another computer if you can, just in case it's the port.

  computerdiv 17:16 13 Jul 10

got it working temporarily. it has a bad connection to the usb plug. can I fix this somehow?

  onthelimit 18:05 13 Jul 10

To be safe, when it's working, copy the data onto your hard disc . Then try it in a different port to see whether it's the connection on the stick or the port itself. If it's the stick, get a new one.

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