usb keyboard and mouse unresponsive

  Mmbheff 14 Mar 13

I have a Dell Dimension 9150. usb mouse and keyboard not working so can't get into F2 or F12 etc. Screen starts and gets to log in but as neither keyboard or mouse work can't log in. Have tried to rebot from recovery disc but nothing happens????

the keyboard and mouse work ok in another machine

  wiz-king 14 Mar 13

If the machine will take it try a PS2 mouse and keyboard.

  woodchip 14 Mar 13

Check BIOS is set to USB enabled

  Mmbheff 15 Mar 13

Thanks usb were working ok at weekend, I will try to borrow a ps2 keyboard and mouse and see what happens

  mole1944 15 Mar 13

I've had a similar problem with a microsoft keyboard,just unpluged the key board usb plug and put it back,it cured the problem,and except for a bad connection i have no idea why, and neither has my son and he's head honcho for a major comanies it department.

  Mmbheff 04 Apr 13

borrowed different mouse but still no luck. There is nowhere for PS2 to plug into so am at a loss. can't try to resolve issue on machine (I'm using laptop for this) as can't use either mouse or keyboard - any other suggestions?????

I've also tried putting back up CD into drive but nothing happens???

  lotvic 04 Apr 13

Have you tried ALL the different usb ports? front and back?

You are trying them (mouse and keyboard) by booting up with them already plugged into a different usb port - aren't you?

  Mmbheff 08 Apr 13


have tried all of the suggestions but no luck, not sure where to go from here????

can't get into F2 or F12 etc as no way of communicating with screen

any other suggestions?

  Lazarus The 2nd 08 Apr 13

Have you got room for one of these, Click here


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