usb hub & flash drives 'driver not found'

  Seth Haniel 08:53 28 Sep 09

all other USB devices recognised and installed when plugged in ie Printer, Scanner, IR, Bluetooth.

but 7 in 1 card reader - and usb 4 port hub and Medion USB 2.0 can't find drivers and won't install - (no web connect on home pc - socan't use option to serch for driver)

any ideas?

  Graphicool1 09:03 28 Sep 09

Assuming they used to work, but now don't. Try unplugging them and replugging them into different slots.

  Seth Haniel 09:07 28 Sep 09

got six USB ports two on front four on back - replugged in all with same results - all use to work fine?

  sharpamat 09:13 28 Sep 09

You have the details of the devices and clearly have access to the internet so why not download the drivers put them on a Disc in seperate folders and when the drivers are requested select the location rather that the internet option and direct the wizard to the disc

  Graphicool1 09:32 28 Sep 09

I realise it's no consolation, but I don't have a lot of luck with Card Readers either. I've had a few USB 2.0 Card Reader's go belly up on me too. In their case it was the readers themselves that were faulty. One of them is a '54 in 1' I still have it, I'm loath to chuck it out as it still works but intermittently, it usually doesn't work just when I need it to most, but I have back ups.

In your case it seems unlikely that both would pack up at the same time, but not impossible.

  Graphicool1 09:35 28 Sep 09

You could try what sharpamat say's or what about a 'System Restore' back to when the were working.

  Stuartli 09:42 28 Sep 09

I have a couple of memory card reader/writers, plus a slimline powered USB hub, which I use on various friends and family systems as well as my own.

All I need to do is plug one of the devices into an already working system, Windows finds new hardware and I can start using it.

Have you tried downloading and installing the latest motherboard drivers for your system?

  Seth Haniel 10:07 28 Sep 09

the four port usb has no name or number on it - it - the medion 128mb usb 2.0 has 33500 pages on Yahoo search the majority not accessible through works firewall and others im not paying $15 for a driver for an old 128mb stick when I can get a 4gig or more for under £10 that works ??

  Seth Haniel 10:08 28 Sep 09

brand new motherboard in with its latest drivers

  Stuartli 10:46 28 Sep 09
  Stuartli 10:56 28 Sep 09

In the XP section of the above link, it does mention that Power Management may turn off USB Root Hubs to conserve power if a device is disconnected.

Go to the XP section to the USB Device Stops Working or Won't Resume section to ensure that the box or boxes are not checked.

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